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Monday, August 3, 2009

Cars: the Great Love of Emiratis—See the New Models Inflaming their Passion

Welcoming 2010 Mustang
A convoy of Ford Mustangs roared across Dubai this week to the Autodrome for the unveiling of the new 2010 Mustang models.

Check out the video and article about this popular car in the Emirates.

Impounded Cars Up for Auction
You’ve heard the story about droves of expats leaving their cars at the airport and skipping the country. Read this article and short video about the cars that are being auctioned.

Thousands of impounded cars are soon to be auctioned in Dubai under a new law that gives police the right to sell vehicles that have been unclaimed for more than six months. UAE authorities currently have 6,800 cars reserved for sale and out of these, the first batch of 2,042 will be sold in the coming days. Cars will not be individually sold but will be sold in bulk to dealers. See this article for details.

Suggestions for Shooting Car Events
I could have done with these tips as I recently watched the Tour de France boys on their bikes in Barcelona. If you’d like photographic tips for taking pics of cars, check out this site and the colorful examples.

Smart Car Range in the Emirates?
Some say with fuel costs and cutting carbon emissions we need to be driving smaller cars. Check out which of this small smart car range you would like.

Is Your Car Cooking?
Why let all the scorching heat your car accumulates in the Emirates go to waste? Harness the power of the sun and have fresh baked cookies in the middle of your work day.

Check out this story, the instructions and some recipes on how to make cookies on the dashboard of your car.

Pee Power
Discovery News tells us that urine is a ‘clean’ energy source and the technology is being created now so when your car petrol gauge is low all you need to do is to piss into the tank.

Audi Celebration
The National reports that “Audi reaches its 100th anniversary later this year. It has already celebrated by breaking one milestone – last year it sold one million cars for the first time in its history, overtaking both Daimler-Benz and BMW in the process.” Audi sales companies have their accelerator flat to the floor in the UAE.

The Top Super Cars of the UAE?
Check out this list with 100 pics of the best super cars of the Emirates.

Which one is your favorite?

Toyota Prado 2010 to the UAE
Toyotas are popular in the Emirates because of their size which caters to large families and their off-road capabilities.

Here are some spy shots of the Toyota Landcruiser Prado/Lexus GX 2010 model that is making its way to the UAE.

UAE Residents Driving Electric?
This Tesla Roadster looks sporty. See the pics and its specifications. Great for the UAE environment. Might need a long power lead.

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Image: Some of the cars that are highlighted in the stories above.