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Monday, August 31, 2009

When Planning to Stay in UAE Hotels Don’t Forget to Pack Marriage Certificate

I recently asked my friend Mike Davis, on behalf of a couple soon to tour the UAE, for some tips on some reasonably priced hotel accommodation in Dubai.

Mike advised staying in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah to get a better price and he suggested a couple of hotels. He also added this important rider:

“They must bring a marriage certificate. In Sharjah, it is illegal for a non-married couple to stay in a room together.”

It is illegal anywhere in the UAE for a couple that is not married to stay in a room together but perhaps in Sharjah, known for its conservatism, this rule is enforced more than in other emirates.

Mike added, “Many hotels in Dubai are moving towards this too except those in the high end.”

This hotel in Bur Dubai makes the presentation of a marriage certificate a requirement in its information to guests.

The rule is reinforced in this travel site for prospective tourists to Sharjah.

This travel site reckons it is rare for couples presenting passports certifying that they have different surnames, to be asked for their marriage certificate.

Looks like it is worth checking out this requirement at the time of booking a hotel in the UAE.

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