View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo Blogging RAK, United Arab Emirates

From time to time I plan to feature some photo blogs of the Emirates.

The first is posted at this link and was a series of pictures taken on a short internship.

RAK Blog
Since July 2009, Jeff, who lives in Ras al Khaimah, has been taking photos of his city and emirate.

His blog is called ‘RAK Gets in Your Eye’ and is subtitled ‘One Day and One Photograph at a Time’.

Not always taking photos of the spectacular or sensational, it appears that this blog is committed to snapping ordinary, everyday RAK, with its supermarkets, camels and soap.

Timely Blog
This blog is one of the newest in the Emirates and has had only 43 visitors (at the time of writing) but it should be of great interest as things build toward the America’s Cup in RAK. Hopefully over this period of international significance Jeff might post more photos each day.

Favourite Picture
The photo that took my fancy is entitled, ‘Embroidery’. No other description or comment given. Let the picture speak for itself.

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