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Friday, August 7, 2009

Got the Stomach for Some Medical Tourism in the UAE?

The National has recently published an article on the growing popularity of stomach reducing surgery.

Tummy Stats in UAE
It reports these bulging statistics:

“Doctors are reporting increases of up to 500 per cent in the number of people turning to gastric surgery in an attempt to lose weight and are operating on patients as young as 12.”

“Demand for surgery has soared as obesity rates in the UAE have reached 'epidemic' proportions, with more than 25 per cent of men and almost 40 per cent of women classed as being dangerously overweight, according to World Heath Organisation estimates.”

It’s Alimentary
The report goes on to explain the methods of gastric surgery, stating the risks involved and discussing the pros and cons of going through with the deed.

Surgery Followed by UAE Holiday
Another recent article is indicating that ‘medical tourism’ is on the increase, due in large part to the growing quality of surgical services being offered in the Emirates. Tummies, tucks, wrinkles ironed out, enlargements, reductions—they will all be part of what’s estimated to be a $60 billion industry in the UAE in the next decade.

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