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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aussies and Kiwis are Engrossed in the Abu Dhabi v Dubai Rivalry

UAE Rivalry
Melbourne v Sydney.
Auckland v Wellington.
Serena v Venus

Australians and New Zealanders are wondering this last weekend who will win the rivalry of the Emirates: Dubai v Abu Dhabi.

Sydney Morning Herald travel writer, Michelle Wranik, considers the advantages of Dubai with its skyscrapers, hotels, malls and its charismatic ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

Abu Dhabi
The capital of the UAE is painted as rich, reserved (in comparison to Dubai’s glitz) and emerging, especially into the Middle Eastern capital of culture. With universities being built and the F1 Grand Prix being snared, AB could be a force to reckon with in another 5-10 years.

See to which city do you think Wranik gives the winning verdict or are you as the traveler meant to visit and decide for yourself?

‘Comparisons are Odious’
Shakespeare was right. Why do we whip up city competition by pitting city against city? Playing favourites among children or partners is a dangerous occupation. And, to think down in the Antipodes, from Perth to Palmerston North, they are debating this weekend the merits of the two largest cities in the Emirates!

Thank God these two cities are emerging with different personalities, with their unique contribution to make and governed by leaders who are committed to a United Arab Emirates.

Michelle Wranik, Big, Bigger, Biggest, Sydney Morning Herald, Melbourne Age, Brisbane Times, Western Australia Today, 15 August 2009.

Michelle Wranik, What’s Better—Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Stuff.Co.NZ, 17 August 2009.

[These articles are the same except for the tweaking with the Melbourne/Sydney rivalry in the Aussie papers and the Auckland/Wellington example in the NZ article—the ease of syndication].

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