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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dubai’s Beautiful World Record Fountain Makes a Splash

The popular site Web Urbanist asks, ‘What is it that fascinates us about moving water?’

It posts pictures and a spray of commentary about the Dubai Fountain and 16 more fountains, waterfalls and water sculptures that are among the most celebrated , the most beautiful and the most interesting in the world.

Dubai Fountain in Burj Dubai
About the Dubai Fountain, Web Urbanist has this caption:

“The Dubai Fountain in Burj Dubai, UAE, is billed as the largest and most technologically advanced fountains in the world. The $218 million fountain was unveiled in May of 2009.”

“While it’s similar to the famed Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, it’s 25% bigger and boasts water sprays as high as a 50-story building. But even more impressive than the facts and figures is the sheer beauty of the lighted water show. It’s nothing short of breathtaking.”

Watch the Performance
If you can’t get to Dubai to see the fountain, here is a video clip of its performance to the song, ‘Con te Partirò (Time to Say Goodbye) with Andrea Bocelli.

Plumbing the Depths
To get more information on the specifications of this tall fountain, its cost, technology, the performances to which it plays (Hindi, Emirati, Arabic) and the best viewing places, check this link.

Fountain Fan
You can become a Fan, see more pictures and get updates about the ‘Dubai Fountain—Biggest Fountain in the World’ by clicking on this Facebook link.

Other 16 fluidly Fantastic Fountains
The Dubai Fountain is the first in the galaxy of fountains displayed by Web Urbanist.

Go with the flow and have a look at the other fountains:

Public Art Waterfalls New York;
Water Forest Tacoma Washington;
Water Whirler, Wellington. New Zealand;
Charybdis, Sunderland, England;
Archibald Fountain, Sydney, Australia;
Fountain of Wealth, Singapore;
Banpo Bridge, Seoul, Korea;
Friendship of Nations Fountain, Moscow, Russia;
Kanazawa Station Fountain Clock, Kanazawa, Japan;
Water Writing Fountain and Dancing Water Fountain, Canal City, Japan;
La Joute Fountain, Montreal, Quebec;
Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois;
King Fahd’s Fountain, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
Fontana del Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy.

Got a favourite?

Delana, 17 Fluidly Fantastic Fountains and Water Sculptures, Web Urbanist, 12 August 2009.

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Image: Dubai Fountain.