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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan 2009 Prayer Timings for UAE


The Prayer Timings (pictured) for the Holy month of Ramadan are calculated for Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Calculations are provided courtesy of Islamic Finder.Org

Adjustments for regional locations in relation to Dubai timings:

Abu Dhabi: + 5 minutes
Sharjah: - 1 minute
Fujairah: - 4 minutes
RAK: - 4 minutes

Consult Local Authority
Accurate calculation methods have been employed but people are advised to consult with their local mosque for accurate timings in a certain location.

Fahr: Dawn
Dhuhr: Noon
Asr: Afternoon
Magrib: Sunset
Isha: Nightfall

Fasting hours are in bold—between fahr and magrib.

Some charts also provide times for suhur (pre-dawn breakfast), which is usually taken 15 minutes prior to fahr.

Ramadan 2009 Prayer Times Schedule, Dubai-UAE, Islamic Finder.Org.
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