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Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Rolls Royce—A Model to Suit Every Emirate

Unique as Your Fingerprint
You don’t buy a Rolls Royce, you commission it. You dream about the features you want in a hand-made car and let the company know.

Middle Eastern Touches
Only six cars are arriving in the August consignment to the Emirates but with their local features there could be a procession rolling into the UAE.

The Bespoke Collection has been crafted with a Middle Eastern customer in mind—sunset on sand dune colours, carpets that look like hand-woven rugs and interiors that remind you of UAE pearls and the white sails of a dhow.

There’s almost one model for every emirate in the UAE. Which one takes your fancy?

Phantom Pearl for Dubai
With its black exterior and sparkling mother-of-pearl interior, the Phantom Pearl would seem so appropriate turning up to the Burj al Arab hotel (see the cars in their fleet from the link below) or along the coastline where traditional pearl diving once took place.

Phantom Silver for Abu Dhabi/Sharjah
This Phantom Silver looks ghostly yet so appropriate for cruising to the Emirates Palace. Don’t you like the additional features of the solid silver fountain pen and key ring?

The crystal champagne glasses nicely concealed are just what you need when driving through strict Sharjah—no trouble ordering extra-tinted windows so you are not seen sneaking a drink from these cool champagne flutes.

Phantom Tungsten for Fujairah
Billed as a ‘visual feast’ the Tungsten mirrors the colours you find in Fujairah. Great Indian rosewood interior, fancy alloy wheels that suit the stylish Fujairah driver. The ceiling looks just like the starry sky on a Fujairah night.

Phantom Sapphire for RAK, Ajman, Umm al Quwain
There is so much space in this Sapphire for large Emirati families. Again, there are plenty of ‘social features’ (don’t ask/don’t tell) but they are veiled away until you are free for some internal lubrication. The seashell and navy blue colours make it a fitting model to drive to the America’s Cup at Ras al Khaimah or for venturing to Ajman or Umm al Quwain.

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Image: The Phantom Silver (photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce Company at above link)