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Friday, July 24, 2009

See if UAE Airports Make the World’s Worst and Best Airports to Sleep In

Airports from Hell
Everybody has got their ‘Airport from Hell’ story to tell.

I got so mad with the way an airline in one airport abused its customers that we organized the passengers, called the local TV station, gave a press interview and when I finally got home I commenced a protest blog.

The web site Sleeping in Airports has given ordinary people a voice with which to evaluate airports and warn other customers. It is mainly focused on the sleepability of airports but the reviews reveal something wider—often the need for sleep is created because of delays and the lack of any accommodation offer by an airline experiencing a delay.

Worst Airports
Melbourne’s Herald Sun has helpfully created this picture gallery of the Worst Airports to Sleep In. It counts down from #10 to the airport that gets the wooden spoon.

This article in the Herald Sun (21 July 2009) has a little more description of these worst airports.

Best Airports
Check out the list on this link of the Best Airports, read the reviews and see why people love these places.

You can even submit a review, cast your vote or send a photo. This is a case of power to the people.

The lists change each year and maybe this web site is helping to create positive change in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

UAE Airports
Note the UAE airport that gets a mention and see what people like and dislike about it.

Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai is Go, ETE.
Dubai Airport Makes Top Ten in The World, ETE.
Dubai’s New Airport Terminal, ETE.
Check out the amazing growth of the Abu Dhabi airport.
Kang Pacific Airlines Has Left Passengers Grounded, ETE.
Getting to ‘Can Do’ Dubai by ‘Can’t Do’ Air India, ETE.

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Image: Dubai’s Terminal 3 Airport.