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Monday, July 27, 2009

Laying the Foundations for New York University Abu Dhabi

Foundations and False Starts
The National (24 July) posts the second part in the series written by John Gravois on the emergence of NYU Abu Dhabi.

As the foundations are being laid for Abu Dhabi University, Gravois writes about the reasons why the George Mason University failed to get off the ground in the emirate of Ras al Khaimah.

Attracting Teachers and Students
The article looks at the process by which the new faculty will be formed (half of which will be of the fly in-fly out type) and the recruitment process for the elite students which will lead to “the world’s most astounding student-faculty ratio.

It appears that money is no barrier for attracting professors and students yet the article examines conflicts and concerns from local educationalists as well as those at the foundation university in New York.

Learning on a Cultural Island
The article supplies some vital details which clarify that NYU Abu Dhabi will have an exceptional status with the same academic freedoms enjoyed in the USA. It will be untouched by the laws and cultural values of the UAE, including no censorship of NYU’s computers. What impact will this have on the education process when learning takes place within an American enclave in a gated community?

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Image: Aerial view of Saadiyat Island, where NYU Abu Dhabi is being located.