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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Men, Leave Your Jewellery at Home when you Visit the Emirates

Bassma Al Jandaly at the Gulf News has come up with an interesting story that highlights an old law in the UAE or at least in the emirate of Sharjah:

Thirteen-year-old Mohammad was with a group of friends in Al Qasba area when he was reportedly approached by a police officer and taken to the police headquarters. His silver necklace had to go.

Another resident, Jeril Jaison Varghese, says he was in front of the Multiplex in Mega Mall to watch a movie when a CID officer asked him for his identification.

"I was taken to the Sharjah Police office inside the mall by a security guy from the mall. My silver bracelet was confiscated by the CID," he said.

When Varghese asked why his bracelet was being taken away, he says, police said men are not allowed to wear bracelets or any fashion accessories in Sharjah malls even if it is silver and not gold.

The article states that Islam forbids men from wearing gold and silk but it suggests that there is insufficient information about the reason for this law and inadequate promotion to citizens and tourists about the fact that males may have their jewellery confiscated.

Is this law only applicable to Sharjah or to the entire UAE?

Link to read more examples and the entire article:
Bassma Al Jandaly, Sharjah police enforce old law against men wearing accessories, Gulf News, 21 July 2009.

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