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Friday, July 24, 2009

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed—Leader With a Life Outside of Work

At this week’s end it is timely to think of our world outside of our work.

Sometimes work can be all-consuming and we make little time for hobbies and other activities that rejuvenate us physically, refill our ‘emotional tanks’ and replenish us in all aspects of our being.

Eloquent Photos
There is a photograph album on the personal Facebook page of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the Vice-President and PM of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

It is entitled, 'Beyond Work'. It contains only six photographs:

The first photo is of Sheikh Mohammed kissing his horse with the caption, “My enduring passion.”

The second photograph is of Sheikh Mohammed with his two dogs in the desert and holding high a falcon on his hand. The caption reads: “Tapping into our heritage for my hobbies.”

The third photograph is of His Highness face to face with a camel and the caption: “A special moment with a newborn camel.”

The fourth photo is of a bare-chested Sheikh pausing from a swim as he comes up from the water with a jellyfish in his hand—“At a public beach, spotting a jellyfish.”

The fifth photo is taken at the same location and is entitled, “Enjoying our waters with the people.”

The final photo in this album (pictured here) is a rear view of the Sheikh in traditional dress as he walks off into the desert with his horse and a walking stick. The caption reads: “My companions on a timeless journey.”

Practical Modelling
It is important for anyone to have a life beyond their work but especially a national leader.

These photographs and captions reveal something of how this leader is being refreshed and inspired. To get away with horses, dogs and falcons, to immerse yourself in the desert and in the sea must be bliss and will no doubt afford necessary perspective.

The Part that Nobody Sees
This is the vital part of leadership that nobody sees, yet we, through these photographs are afforded a small insight into how this UAE leader is being nourished and sustained.

Unfortunately this album is located on Sheikh Mohammed’s earlier Facebook page which is now superseded by his public pages. Hopefully this album will be transferred to the public page for many to enjoy.

I have reposted the album on my Facebook page so feel free to connect with me (link below) to see the album.

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Dr Geoff Pound

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Image: This is photo #6 in the album, ‘Beyond Work’ by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid (Photo courtesy of His Highness).