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Friday, June 8, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Links With Cyclone Gonu

The devastation of Cyclone Gonu has not been as great and the aftermath may not be as long as for the many involved in Hurricane Katrina, which has spawned valuable web sites such as Beyond Katrina: The Voice of Hurricane and Disaster Recovery.

This extensive site seems to be going strong 648 days (on 8 June 2007) after the hurricane struck. Through its regular postings of resources and its initiation of conversation, this site appears to be fulfilling comprehensively its mission, “to inspire recovery, transformation and a new vision through the deeper wisdom of crisis.”

The contributors to Beyond Katrina have been following the progress of other storms and have taken an interest in what is happening with Cyclone Gonu in Oman, the UAE and now Iran.

Check out their Beyond Katrina posting on Cyclone Gonu.

For those who have suffered greatly because of Cyclone Gonu, the Beyond Katrina web site provides a marvelous supply of down-to-earth resources and a supportive network of hope.

Thanks guys for your interest and support and while you’re at it, please vote in a ‘green’ President who is serious about the environmental impact of policies decided in Washington on the whole globe.

Geoff Pound

Image: Beyond Katrina logo