View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cyclone Gonu: Report from Fujairah 1.00am Thursday 7 June 2007

I have just walked to the Fujairah beach to check on the progress.

It feels a beautiful night. The temperature is in the early twenties. There is just a slight breeze.

There are still lots of spectators walking along the main road, some with little children in the middle of the night!

There are many trucks delivering rocks to create a four to six high rock wall along the road to keep the waters back. This is becoming a very long barrier.

I spoke to one man from Damascus, Syria, who has lived in the UAE for 28 years. He remembers a major storm hitting Fujairah in about 1994 but it was not as big as Cyclone Gonu is expected to be.

The workers and officials are anticipating that at 2.00am (one more hour), that the cyclone will be making its presence felt with high winds and rain.

Thanks to all those that have sent emails of greeting and care. They have come from amazing places like NZ, Oz and just in the last hour from a man in Tunisia, who used to teach English in Fujairah. He is able to locate all the Fujairah pictures on this site!


Geoff Pound

Image: The emerging wall along the main road in Fujairah. You’ve heard about the Berlin wall, the Iron Curtain, the Bamboo Curtain, the Palestinian wall, the Velvet Curtain? Now there’s the Fujairah Fence.