View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo Blogging Abu Dhabi UAE

Views of Abu Dhabi
If you wonder what the richest city in the world looks like and think all the homes look like the Emirates Palace, let me recommend that you check out and subscribe to the Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo blog subtitled, ‘Photos from Abu Dhabi and around the UAE’.

Blogging Abu Dhabi
This blog has been functioning since June 2008 and has been noted for its high standard.

I love it for the views one gets of the ordinary, everyday things that are happening, in contrast to the sensational things that are usually noted by the media. That being said, there is a zany touch in this blog.

Yes, the pictures are of Abu Dhabi but they’re also of Dubai and most other places in the UAE.

Photo Blogger
This blog is the work of Susan, whose daily life revolves around education at Abu Dhabi.

I asked Susan some questions about her blogging.

Tools of the Trade?
“I use a Canon Rebel XT. The lens is not the one that comes with the body, but a slightly wider angle lens and occasionally a telephoto (but not very often). Canon deserves some sort of award for making photography idiot-proof (or almost idiot-proof).”

Method in Your Madness?
“When do I snap pics for the blog? I go in spurts. I take my camera to events that I think will be particularly interesting to my readers.”

Why Photo Blog?
“One of the reasons I created the blog was to give family and friends back home a window into daily life here. The fact that others enjoy it is creme on the top.”

“Sometimes I just put the camera in the passenger seat of my car and keep my eyes peeled as I run daily errands. It's funny what you and I might take for granted living here in the UAE, but a lot of people struggle to visualise what the UAE looks like. I guess my posts attempt to do just that while telling a story related to the photo. So I'm not a great photographer, but it's more about visually documenting daily life here with a bit of a personal touch.”

The photo that I have posted is the first photo on the Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo. The post is headed, ‘Construction and Faith’ and the photo has this caption: ‘This photo is a metaphor for life all over the UAE.’ This photo is of a mosque in Dubai’s emerging suburb of Mirdif.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo

Photo Blogging RAK, United Arab Emirates

Photo Blogging the Emirates, a short term blog.

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