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Monday, September 14, 2009

Swallowing Your Pride in the Emirates

A recent article reported on a new government directive that each day the UAE is to be hoisted at every school and the national anthem is to be sung by the students.

This daily routine may help serve to instill a sense of national pride and patriotic fervor but are there more creative ways to achieve the same end?

Emirati Biscuits and Cake
The recent Sydney International Food Festival has cooked up a theme on national flags (see dishes pictured).

This suggests some food ideas for the Emirates. Could some chefs come up with a cake or biscuit recipe (halal and low calories) that portrays the flag of the UAE and instills a sense of patriotism every time it is consumed. This might take on among people in the UAE as ANZAC biscuits are enjoyed by Australians and New Zealanders.

It may also become the ‘taste of the Emirates’ that you buy as a gift when travelling to meet relatives and friends in other countries

Buckle Up for Your Country
A recent post reported that the idea was being discussed of creating safety belts bearing a Gucci or Armani label in order to encourage drivers and passengers in the Emirates to wear their seat belts when travelling in cars.

Perhaps the government could design and make available free of charge safety belts that bear the UAE flag or some UAE symbols. Every time children and adults get into a car they will stretch their belts across their hearts and symbolically buckle up for the love of their country.

Creative Juices Flowing
What creative ideas do you have that might serve some practical needs and be a way of inspiring an appropriate regard for the country?

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Some of the dishes displayed at the Sydney International Food Festival on the theme of Flags, 7 September 2009.