View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Al Ain: World Capital for Roundabout Art

Country of Roundabouts
Sankha Guha, writing about Fujairah in The Independent delivers this backhander:

“This is a country where roundabouts constitute major attractions—they are featured prominently in tourism pamphlets and guidelines….In Paris they have the Arc de Triomphe, in London Nelson’s Column and in Fujairah they have outsize kitchen utensils.”

Fujairah Roundabouts
If the aesthetics are lacking in Fujairah roundabouts, from a pragmatic point, these roundabouts are used everyday to give instructions and travel directions.

Furthermore, the different symbols (see some on the main picture at Fujairah in Focus) capture the essence of the emirate and remind residents and tourists of the everyday things for which the place is known.

Roundabout Art
Al Ain must be the prime centre for roundabouts in the UAE and perhaps could claim the distinction of being the world capital for roundabout art.

BSS and BRN, who lived in Al Ain for three years, posted a popular series of articles and pictures on the ‘Roundabouts of Al Ain’.

There are twenty roundabouts featured—some spectacular and others disappointing and in need of repair.

The series comes with delightful comments and details about their location.

Roundabouts of Al Ain, BSS & BRN (formerly) of Al Ain.

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Image: The Sheikh Mubarak roundabout (#12) with an incense burner as the centerpiece (photo courtesy of BSS & BRN at the above link).