View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Sunday, October 14, 2007

UAE Tourists are Heading out East but More Amenities are Needed

A Gulf News article reports on the huge numbers of UAE tourists who are choosing to enjoy the Eid holiday on the country’s east coast. Among the attractive features mentioned about the east coast cities and towns include:

* Natural and rugged beauty of the mountains
* Wonderful picnic spots
* Clean beaches (?)
* Cooler weather than in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
* Safe family destination
* Ample places for camping overnight
* Opportunities to light a camp fire
* Historic places to visit like the Al Bidya mosque

The writer picks up on the disappointment expressed by many Eid holidaymakers over the lack of basic amenities at some of the popular east coast beaches in the UAE.

These deficiencies are not itemized but they might include the following:

* More seats and park benches
* Better signage
* Bigger and more rubbish bins
* The need for a better campaign to get people to pick up their rubbish—the almost universal UAE practice of employing maids and cleaners in their homes leads to the widespread habit of leaving trash on the corniche and the beaches for others to pick up
* More public toilets
* More gas-fired BBQs
* More well-equipped children’s playgrounds
* More trees and shade
* Repairing holes and uneven brickwork on paths to eliminate accidents

It would be good to survey people (locals and tourists) to find out exactly what they would like to see to enhance their beach experiences and visits to the UAE’s eastern cities.

To read this timely article in full, check this link:

Fuad Ali, ‘Heading East to Celebrate Eid’, Gulf News, 13 October 2007.

Image: The UAE’s east coast has beaches like this that go for miles.

Add any of your suggestions for improving the east coast beaches and cities in the Comments.