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Monday, May 4, 2009

Taste the World in the Emirates

A promotional magazine from Lulu Hypermarket foreshadows Food Fiesta 2009 with an invitation to ‘taste the world’ at their nearest store.

A cursory glance through this colorful brochure (pictured) is enough to get you salivating.

I am often asked, “Can you get most fruit and food products that you want in the UAE?” My response is to say ‘Generally Yes and more.’

It is way out of date now but a price list I put together of food and fruit at Lulu (Fujairah) certainly presents a picture of the range of products that are available.

If Lulu does not sell pork products, at least these can be obtained at another supermarket or they could up until the UAE introduced a ban thinking that people might catch swine flu from pork products.

To cater for the large Asian expat population the shops in the UAE hold a massive range of fruit. At an annual Mango Festival at Lulu (by the way I don’t have any shares in the company!) I counted up well over a hundred varieties of mango from many different countries of the world.

Eating the Emirates
When I am travelling (I have just got back from a long period in the USA with visits to Thailand and Peru) I like to eat food that is specific to the culture and the region. Here is an earlier article on products and dishes that are quintessentially of the Emirates.

Tasting the World?
The Lulu taster highlights croissants (French), Akkawi Cheese (Czech Republic), Frico Edam Cheese (Holland), Sheesh Tawouk or Taouk (Turkey), Kalamata olives (Greece), Green and Black olives (Egypt), Beef Roast (India), Al Shifa Acacia Honey (Saudi Arabia), Maxwell house Coffee (USA), Sadia Frozen Chicken (Brazil) and much more. Quite an international range!

What products do you long for that you cannot get in the UAE?

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