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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cheap Airfares to and from UAE

Facing a dismal financial forecast and now the H1-N1 flu pandemic, the airline industry is seeking to get people flying and to stimulate the airline economy.

The up and coming Etihad Airline out of Abu Dhabi is promoting this week fares to Syria, Jordan and Egypt for as little as Dh40 and to London, Munich and Casablanca for only Dh200. Part of the hype (see this article for example) concerns ‘last minute bargains' and ‘a range of e-Deals.’

Before you leap onto the Etihad web site, remember that there are rules about when the flights have to be completed and the Comments at some of the web postings are suggesting these flights are difficult to secure and that there are hefty unseen taxes that inflate the promotional price tags.

Other Airline Specials
The Kipp Report has an article (4 May 2009) entitled ‘5 Ways to Fly More for Less.’

Their first way refers to the Etihad deals and the following ways reveal specials from Emirates Airline, Qatar, Gulf Airlines and Air Arabia.

Such competition is keeping the prices low and giving some cheer to customers in uncertain times.

Dr Geoff Pound
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Image: “The airline industry is seeking to get people flying.”