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Monday, November 17, 2008

All Residents Asked to Fly UAE Flag on National Day

Raising the Flag
On 2 December it is UAE National Day العيد الوطني Al-Eid al-Watani and to celebrate nationhood this year all citizens and residents in the country are asked to participate in the celebration by flying the UAE flag on the top of their homes and buildings.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development is launching this flag-flying initiative as one of its many projects for the country's 37th National Day.

Expressing Pride and Loyalty
Chairperson of the National Day celebration committee Afra Al-Sabri said that the participation will reflect the sense of pride and loyalty to the symbol of the country.

When many western countries have dispensed with overt patriotism like singing the national anthem at the picture theatre or before civic events it is interesting to see the UAE taking practical steps to increase national fervour and support.

Increasing National Feeling
It will be fascinating to see how many flags are provided and proudly raised to flutter nationalism in the breeze. If steps are taken to open up the doorways to UAE citizenship it might increase the intensity of the flag-waving and the sense of home that all residents have towards the Emirates.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development is to be commended for this practical initiative.

Source and further details:
UAE Flag to Fly Atop Every Home, WAM, 17 November 2008.

UAE Flag
According to Wikipedia:
The flag of the United Arab Emirates (Arabic: علم الإمارات العربية المتحدة‎) was adopted on December 2, 1971.

It contains the Pan-Arab colors red, green, white and black, which symbolize Arabian unity.

In addition the individual colours have the following meanings:
Green: Fertility
White: Neutrality
Black: is the color of the flag of the Islamic prophet Muhammad
Red: Unity

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The UAE Flag.