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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi Aims for World Record

Abu Dhabi is applying to the Guinness Book of Records for acknowledgement of a new building in the capital as the ‘World's most inclined tower’.

Developed by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) and designed by RMJM, the new building is known as Capital Gate and it leans westwards by 18 degrees. In contrast, the leaning Tower of Pisa leans less than four degrees.

Simon Horgan, chief executive officer of ADNEC Group, said, “Capital Gate will be a building that the world will talk about, not because it has surpassed another building as the world's tallest, but because of its aesthetic splendour and technical achievement.”

Capital Gate will also feature 728 custom-made diamond-shaped glazing panels, each fitted at a slightly different angle due to the structure's curving shape.

The tower forms part of the Capital Centre development - a $2.2bn business and residential micro city.

Source: Capital Gate Set to Enter Guinness Book of Records as ‘World’s Most Inclined Tower’, ADNEC, 27 October 2008.

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Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi.