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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tragedy for the Emirates if Heart-Broken Paris Hilton Cancels UAE Trip

Heart-Breaking News
The tragic news of the war in Gaza and the financial recession affecting the United Arab Emirates looks to be followed with the catastrophic possibility of Paris Hilton cancelling her visit to Dubai.

The web sites are reporting the sad news that the heiress has split with her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt.

Commentators are surmising that the heartbreak Hilton might be too emotional to front the cameras and may have to postpone her visit.

The cancellation of her trip would be disastrous for Dubai.

Thousands of people were hanging out to hear from the heiress’s mouth the details about her sex tape which was blocked by UAE censors.

If she fails to appear, how will UAE residents ever discover whether there was any truth in the rumors about her strip tease at the Las Vegas party?

Did she have the date with George? What was it like with Ronaldo? Did she dump Benji? I agree with Paris that he was too controlling. What about her puppies? Her eating disorder? What was it like in prison?

So much important information that we may never discover if Paris Hilton fails to visit Dubai.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Paris and Doug on a better day.