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Monday, September 22, 2008

New UAE Traffic Penalties for Running a Red Light

The UAE is toughening the penalties for the breach of road rules in a country that is seeking to lower the soaring statistics of car accidents and fatalities on the road.

Here is an example of the new (21 September 2008) tough penalties that will be applied to you for the running of a red light.

R-Your car will be impounded for 15 days.

R-You will be fined 800 dirhams (US$218).

R-You will receive 8 black (demerit) points—get 24 points and it is goodbye to your license for a while.

The Traffic and Patrol department in Abu Dhabi impounded a total of 1,943 vehicles for running red signals during the last six months, official news agency WAM reported on Sunday 21 September 2008.

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What Do You Think?
Do you think these new 'jumping the red light' penalties are too tough or do you think that with the deaths that are caused and the drivers that continue to flout the laws that the punishment is not tough enough?

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The remains of a car that was hit by a truck running a red light.