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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Emirates Passengers up in the Air over Mobile Phones

The Emirates Airline web site claims that its passengers can “enjoy one of the highest standards of comfort, service and facilities” but the news that Emirates now allows the use of personal cell phones is threatening this core commitment.

The news about Emirates Airline securing this ‘first’ on its flight this week en route to Casablanca has been greeted with a mixed response.

Those who prefer using the phone to email sound like they will be in cell phone heaven.

Others are anticipating being imprisoned next to an obsessive and loud telephone caller on the route from Auckland to Heathrow and are considering a switch to a Personal Phone Free airline.

Emirates Airline has provided some details on the use of its new service and is asking passengers to switch their phone to silent and vibrator mode. How will they ever police this so that other passengers won’t be plagued by loud and showy ring tones?

Will Emirates Airline provide some inflight telephone booths to absorb the noise of one-sided conversations?

Will Emirates Airline allow passengers to manage their bookings to such an extent that in addition to opting for an aisle seat and a low fat meal they will be able to choose a location at least 10 rows away from someone who will choose to use their mobile phone?

More information please, Emirates Airline. We want to keep discovering.

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: New information for new service.