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Monday, March 31, 2008

Beneath the Bluetooth Burqa

Can a burqa be sexy? A Berlin-based artist has invented a digitally-enabled robe that will send an image of a woman's face -- or anything else -- via Bluetooth.

A burqa may not be the flirtiest garment ever invented for women. The highly modest head-to-toe robe even shrouds the eyes, so for centuries it's been difficult for women wearing them to send suggestive signals to men.

But now a German designer has debuted a digitally-enabled burqa that can broadcast a photo of the wearer to nearby mobile phones. Markus Kison calls it the "Charming Burka," and says it isn't forbidden by Islamic law.

To read more see: ‘Lifting the Veil Using a ‘Bluetooth Burqa’, Spiegel Online, 25 February 2008.

Image: “Women who would rather not wear a burqa can now slip around it electronically.”