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Monday, November 12, 2007

Muslim Car Could Be Highly Marketable in Middle East

The Gulf News has reported this week a joint Iran, Turkey and Malaysia plan to build an ‘Islamic car’.

The special features, the report from Malaysia says about this Iranian dream, will include a compass to find the direction of Makkah (Mecca) and a compartment for the Quran and prayer scarves.

“The car will have all the Islamic features and should be meant for export purposes,” said Proton's managing director, Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

The article does not elaborate but what would “all the Islamic features” include besides those already mentioned? Here are some thoughts:

* Surely Muslim drivers and passengers would want a Global Positioning System (GPS) rather than the old compass. This could also be set to indicate when a mosque is approaching.

* A clock that sounds the call to prayer at the time, in accordance with where the car is located

* A sound system that musically beams out the prayers and Quranic readings

* A compartment in the boot with water so that hands and faces can be easily washed

* Another division in the boot where prayer mats can be stowed

* All parts of the car certified as halal

Any other components so the car will have all the Islamic features? If you have any constructive ideas, please write them in the Comments below.

The full report can be found at this link:
‘New Islamic Car to Have Compass to Find Makkah’, Gulf News, 11 November 2007.

Geoff Pound

Image: A worker inspects a Proton Waja at Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Bhd (Proton) assembly plant in Shah Alam near Kuala Lumpur (the place where it is proposed that the Islamic cars will be manufactured). Photo courtesy of Gulf News.

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