View of part of the Fujairah Corniche and the Hajar Mountains in the Background

Thursday, March 1, 2007

World Billiard Champs Might Be Potting Holes

You might be forgiven for thinking this is a photo of a crater on the surface of the moon.

This is a picture of one of the many craters on the first roundabout you will encounter when you are approaching Fujairah from Dubai.

The road maintenance team must have a lot of work on to be leaving dangerous cavities of this magnitude unfilled. It is a pity that the welcome roundabout has not been repaired in time for all the visitors coming to Fujairah for the Eight-Ball Pool World Championship commencing tonight.

Or maybe the large holes in the road are left to symbolize the pockets on the pool table and thus make the billiards enthusiasts feel more at home.

Image: Pot hole on the entrance roundabout. Welcome to Fujairah.