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Saturday, August 23, 2008

UAE One of Best Places in World for Expats

The United Arab Emirates has been given the silver medal in the contest to be the best place to live for expatriates, according to a study conducted by HSBC Bank International, a Jersey-based subsidiary of the world's biggest company.

The rankings are based on a study by HSBC Bank International, which surveyed 2,155 expats around the world. The responses were used to determine each country's ranking according to several criteria, including the duration the respondents stayed; their ability to command high earnings and save; having a more luxurious life than back home; and, of course, decent accommodation that didn't eat up all their earnings.

Specific rankings on the following criteria and summary statement:

Longevity: No. 7
Earn And Save: No. 4
Luxurious: No. 1
Accommodation: No. 4

With no income tax to pay, the largely young expat population is left with plenty to spend on the opulent lifestyle available.

The report in the International Herald Tribune says:
“The UAE, with no income tax, perhaps unsurprisingly does very well when it comes to saving and freeing you up to enjoy its swanky hotels and shopping centers - all reasons why it's the best place for luxurious living, according to the survey.”

The article also indicates reasons why the UAE, along with other countries, does not keep its expats for a long term.

To see which country won the gold medal and how other countries ranked, check out the article by Vidya Ram, ‘World’s Best Places to be an Expat’, IHT, 22 August 2008.

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Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The sea views you can experience on the UAE’s east coast and up towards the Musandam Peninsula (where this photo was taken) can prove to be far more attractive than ‘swanky hotels and shopping centers’.